PRINCIPLES AND STYLE OF WORK

Our work is based on joy and happiness of the boys who like indoor soccer. It means indoor soccer through fun and companionship. Our primary goal is not to make the top indoor soccer players, but to develop in boys love for indoor soccer and preserve a range of physical, psychological and sociological qualities, which practice of this sport inevitably refers to.

Focus of the work is on the acquisition of technical, motor and coordination abilities. We devote a great deal of time to work on elements of technique, tactics, learning rules and propositions of this sports game.


In addition to the elements of learning indoor soccer skills, one of the primary goals of our school is the achievement of the physical education objectives - companionship, exemplary behavior, interrelationships of students, student's attitude towards the opponents that we play against, the judges who try the games, the audience watching ...

Training, happiness and pleasure, success is not an imperative - but as a result of relationships and commitment to indoor soccer, are the characteristics that will adorn our school in some future time. We foster a feeling of belonging to the school that students attend.

Work in school is constantly growing thanks to achievements, resources, working conditions and respect of the boys by the coach.

The school of indoor soccer is for students aged 6 to 14 .

Falcao, 12 Brazil                         Stamenković, 10 Baltimore Blast      

While training, we try to reach the skills of the following indoor soccer free style players - Falcao, Manoel Tobias, Edwin Grunholc, Adriano Foggia, Srba Stamenković, Zoran Karić, Predrag Radosavljević, Branko Šegota, Stanislav Karasi, Aca Kovačević, Radovan Filipović, Nebojša Vučićević, Nikola Vignjević, Semir Tuce, Alen Bajkuša. Free style means great freedom of students in the game - imagination, creativity, improvisation to the maximum, various solutions in one to one situations, with more instinctive movements and solutions, without restrictions and limitations by the coach, and yet in the system and formations that are necessary to make the team function properly.


In this context, be the best is less important than give the best of yourself